Home game [New Year's]
Home game [New Year's]. Why haven't you been in a festive mood prior? That's because you haven't played the theme-based Home game! Special Quiz, please! Home game [New Year's] has been waiting in the wings to recap 2021 and wish something in 2022. The game is already available online to brighten the wait for holiday festivities or to perfectly complement January vacations.


You'll get 4 rounds, 6 questions each. You can read up on the rules here, but actually, you can already start the game - we'll get you up to the speed.


You can take notes on regular paper, but for a fully immersive Quiz, please! experience download and print out the forms


Start the game by clicking "Play" or download to play offline


Start the game by clicking "Play" or download to play offline


Hi! If you're reading this, it means you probably don't feel like leaving the house, yet an evening without Quiz, please! is unimaginable. Have no fear: you can hack away at the best trivia battle without getting out of comfortable sweatpants.

First, split into teams. To give it that special vibe, you'll need to print out the forms that you can download on the game page. We don't ship our quizmen and quizwomen, so you'll have to arrange your own pens.

Of course, we will not be able to check this, but nevertheless, put all your gadgets away. Googling is a crime!

Please write legibly. We obviously don't mind, but you'd better make sure you can make out your own notes.

We relentlessly encourage feasting during the game, so make sure your glass is always full and yummy treats are on hand.

And, naturally, post pics with the hashtag #quizpleasehome, so everyone and their mother knows how amazing of a recluse you are.

Each game has 4 rounds, and you can take breaks whenever you want. The rounds in each game may differ from each other, so we advise you to listen to the host carefully, he/she will keep you updated. If you are fans of studying instructions, you can also download the rules along with the forms for a particular game.

After each round, exchange the forms with your opponents (in case of unquestionable trust you can check it yourself) and calculate the score. Whoever gets the most points wins!

Attention! In the event of multiple teams having the same amount of points, the team that got the higher score in the previous round wins. The winning team earns intellectual domination, the right to take the most comfortable seat in the house, and the last slice of pizza.